Factors to consider when choosing a letting agent

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Having letting agents manage property makes the life of any property owner comfortable. As much, as you may have to incur extra cost in hiring these agents, you can be sure of getting value for money. However, before you settle for a specific letting agency, it is essential to consider a few things. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a letting agent.

Type of property

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This is one of the significant aspects to consider when choosing a letting agent. Ideally, it is important to find a letting agency that deals with the kind of property you own. For instance, if you own family homes, it would not be wise to choose a letting agent that manages similar units. This way, you will be in a position of narrowing down to a few options available.

Variety of services

Letting agencies provide three primary services. These include introductions, full property management, property letting, and rent collection. You can either have a letting agent from http://affittoletting.com/ offer you some of these services or all. However, the letting agent you consider should help you get tenants by whatever means.

Agent availability

A good letting agent should be available most of the time. If this is not the case, it should be easy to reach him or her through a phone call or an email address or whatever means you prefer. This way, tenants can have all their issues addressed. More to this, availability, gives your tenants a sense of security.


Experience plays a vital role in property management. As such, you should consider hiring a letting agent that has dealt with the kind of property you own for many years. Failure to this, you may have problems in managing your property.

Service fee

home 43As much as service fee is not of great importance, you should not underestimate the need of considering the amount charged by different agencies. Along with checking variety and quality of services offered, it is essential to consider the service fee. Ideally, you should settle for an agency that provides quality services at an affordable fee.

Convenient location

A good letting agent should have a permanent physical address. With this, both prospective and current tenants can have a point of addressing their needs. More to this, a real office portrays a message of seriousness with their services. Thus, it is vital to hire letting agents with a permanent physical address.…