How to Choose a Caravan Awning

caravan awning 32ea

If you look around any particular campsite, you will find out that over 80% of caravans have air awnings attached to them. It is not that air awnings caravan are essential, it is because they can enhance your caravanning experience. It gives you a lot of living and storage space. It makes life quite easy as it offers you a place to relax and eat.

You should note that caravan porches and awnings are designed for use in various conditions. For instance, you can find some that are easy to build and lightweight. This makes them perfect for weekends. Some are made to withstand harsh weather. The following are the factors to consider when choosing an awning:


Awning frames are available in four types: glass fiber, air, steel, and aluminum. Thus, you can easily get your preferred material that suits your awning 56t


Steel is a perfect option if you intend to leave the awning outside in harsh weather conditions. If you are planning to use your awning for a full season, then purchase one with steel frames. Weight is not a consideration when you just want to transport your awning to and from the park.

Aluminum and fiberglass

The good thing about these frames is that they are lightweight. This makes them ideal for touring. This is because the total weight has an impact on the payload of the caravan. When building an awning, both the glass-fiber and aluminum are quite easy to handle. This is because every pole is quite lighter.


caravan awning 414Awning fabrics vary from thin polyester, lightweight to top-quality acrylic. It can vary in weight, feel, and look. The fabric choice is dependent on the way you will be using the awning. If you are planning to use it on a frequent basis, you should invest in an expensive, better awning that is built to last. Occasional users can struggle to justify that major expenditure. It is advisable to choose lightweight polyester. It is quick to dry and light to handle when packing it away or construction. However, they are quite expensive as compared to acrylic options. There is a variation in the density and thickness of weave, weight, and tautness.


If you are going to use your caravan awning, then it is advisable to purchase a top-quality awning. On the other hand, if you intend to buy a luxurious one, then be ready to spend a lot.…