Tips on remodeling your bathroom


If you are thinking of giving your home a new and fresh look why not start with the bathroom? When you think about it, this room gets used by everyone and is used the most. You may enter it twice or three times a day and even more on some days. We take a shower, bath and also do other business in the bathroom so you should try to make it more cozy and elegant. Here are a few ideas that can help you give your bathroom a great look.

The fittings & fixtures

Any bathroom will have a toilet which may be a commode or a squatting pan, a sink, a shower or a lalgn;rslkhnbathtub. These fixtures are regularly used and will show signs of wear over a few years. Changing them with a modern set of ceramic fitting will give your bathroom a fresh look. It will also get rid of any ugly cracks and scratches that you may have on the fixtures. Fittings such as taps, shower heads, and hooks can also be replaced with new ones. The Light up shower head is an attractive option for those who want to give their bathroom a nice aura and a bit of a futuristic look. Moreover, they are functional and change in color based on the temperature of the water. Make sure that the taps and other fittings also match the shower head so that they all look like a set.

Get some greenery

Bathrooms are places that we spend a lot of time in each day. It will be a great idea to have a plant or two if you have enough space. You can even hang some small vines from the ceiling which will give the entire room a more natural look. Make sure the plants that you use in the bathroom can survive in low light conditions so that they do not die too soon.


If you love to take a long bath after a hard day at work, scented candles are a great way to relieve that stress. They will also give your bathroom a nice aura and leave it smelling pleasant considering the nature of the room. However, you must be cautious and not let any topple over as they may cause injury.


The floor

Without a doubt, the best flooring for your bathroom would be ceramic tiles. They are easy to clean and will not get damaged easily. Consider a lighter shade as this will let you know if they need moping or not.…